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How i transformed my body in just 6 months.

If i talk about my transformation, i will tell you directly what mistakes i made and how i recover them. Last year in November 2016 i started gym and i didn't know anything about workout and diet i had only one thing in my mind that i have to become fit. I didn't thought about muscular body i just thought about fitness. If i take myself who can't do 5 push ups and who can't run for one minute how can i think about Muscular body because that was more than my expectations.
So what i did first is i just stopped eating what i was eating on that time and i made plan but you will not believe that whatever i made plans and everything i was making wrong.
I started following one Youtube channel and i didn't know anything about bulking and cutting i was just following it.
After some months passed i lose 4-5 kg but i didn't feel any change in me. I just want to lose weight but i didn't know this that weight loss can be in different ways in body like muscle loss, weight loss and fat loss.
I thought there is one thing which i am missing and because of that i can't see any change in myself.
After all that weight loss i still had man boobs and a big belly without any change.
Everyone was giving me advice that do this or do that, i listen to everyone but i don't follow them i just followed my heart. Everytime i log in my facebook i see one post again and again and may be you also know about that post in that post there is only one sentence that is "30% and 70% diet" i just understand what does it means. If out of 100 people 90 people are saying this why they are saying this. Then i changed my diet i was eating 10 eggs and some salad, i added some more meals in my diet. I added oatmeal and some other ingredients too and believe me oatmeal is strongest meal for losing weight and building muscles.
I started concentrate on my meals more than gym and i found changes in me in 2 months and that's how i get rid from those man boobs and belly fat. I want to tell you that belly fat will take time but it will go you just have to keep concentrate on what you are eating and "never quit".
I will tell you everything what i did and how i did without any supplements and i know my transformation is not big but for me it is my most biggest achievement in my life.

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