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These are the 3 things in your diet which is only responsible for your body transformation.

As you know that only workout will not transform your body you must concentrate on what you are eating and how much quantity you are eating. To lose weight or gain muscles these three things will help you to reach your goal faster without these things you cannot achieve your goal. These three things are
Protein CarbohydratesFat Protein Protein plays most important role in losing fat as well as gaining muscles. If i talk biochemically protein is made of amino acids which is most essential need of our body. If you want grow your muscle or lose fat you must take protein daily. If you ask me how much protein you need for a day to gain muscle or lose fat then remember this you must take 1 gm. of protein per pound of your body weight. For example if your weight is 180 pound so you must take 180 gm. of protein on daily basis. Carbohydrates  Carbohydrates also plays important role like protein. Carbohydrates is a source of energy it provide fuel to our body which help us during workout and aft…
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How i transformed my body in just 6 months.

If i talk about my transformation, i will tell you directly what mistakes i made and how i recover them. Last year in November 2016 i started gym and i didn't know anything about workout and diet i had only one thing in my mind that i have to become fit. I didn't thought about muscular body i just thought about fitness. If i take myself who can't do 5 push ups and who can't run for one minute how can i think about Muscular body because that was more than my expectations.
So what i did first is i just stopped eating what i was eating on that time and i made plan but you will not believe that whatever i made plans and everything i was making wrong.
I started following one Youtube channel and i didn't know anything about bulking and cutting i was just following it.
After some months passed i lose 4-5 kg but i didn't feel any change in me. I just want to lose weight but i didn't know this that weight loss can be in different ways in body like muscle loss, weig…

My diet and workout failure can be a lesson for you.

I see daily many people who follows strict dieting and workout too, but they still don't achieve a single unit of their dream transformation. When i was beginner i too make lots of mistakes in my diet and as well as workout program.
Most of people have same problems just like i had in past. So i decided to tell you what problems i was facing on that time.
when i entered gym first time i didn't know anything about workout and machines and everything about gym. I just started treadmill and you will not believe i cannot go up to 6 or 7 speed on treadmill.
Whenever i try to run or walk fast i had extreme soreness in my legs.
But i didn't gave up i started slowly slowly i don't do any other exercises except treadmill. I just decided that one day i will run on this treadmill on the highest speed without any pain.
It was my dream and i started working on it daily i just stick to treadmill for one hour or two hour nothing else only treadmill. At least i worked on treadmill for…

My Fitness Story

As we know the whole world is getting busiest day by day and in this time no one have time to eat well, sleep well, and live well. If you are student you are having a busy school life or university life and you don't have time to eat properly and you are starving yourself because of your busy schedule it will directly affect your body which can harm you in different ways. If you are working in office and you are having a busy projects and meetings and you don't have sufficient time for sleep, it will also directly affect your body.

Some people know very well that what is good for us and what is bad but they are in so comfort in their lifestyle that they cannot change it even they know it will affect their whole life in future.

We will never change our bad habits until something wrong don't happen with us.

I am a 20 year old medical student and i was also just like all people i was having fun in my life, i probably never had played any sport, i was addicted to fast food and i …